Welcome to Rader SS

My name is Marcus Rader.

Most recently I have been appointed as an Inspector of Mines and Dangerous Goods Officer working as an Investigator for the DMP Investigation Branch.

Previous to this I was based in Kalgoorlie for a number of years as an OHS Inspector of Mines.

I also spent several years with the WA Police as a Lead Investigator with the Major Crash Unit. Prior to these appointments I spent over ten years in the Mining Industry in both operation and HSE roles.

During my time as an Inspector I had investigated many complex and unfortunate incidents where, at times, people had even lost their lives when it should never have happened.  My investigative outcomes frequently pointed the cause to one or more of the following:

  • Procedures were not followed.
  • Procedures were not in place.
  • Training of the employee was in adequate (lack of Verification of Competency).
  • Compliance was not up to date (for example, working at heights equipment in poor condition and not inspected by a competent person.

On top of this, often the “Principal Employer” who is ultimately responsible, was not aware of these deficiencies until someone had paid the ultimate price.

Over the years of dealing with workplaces, primarily Mine Sites, I have come to realise these deficiencies are far too common, and often overseen by production needs.  This has made me passionate about ensuring a safe workplace for everyone and ensuring compliance to ensure that when something does go wrong, the control measures do not fail. 

This led me to start Rader SS – Safety Solutions.

Rader SS offer two categories of services; they are “Professional Consultation” and “Compliance Inspections”.

We are in this for the long haul, therefore we are loyal, committed and take great pride in our services hoping that in return we can establish a long lasting business relationship.

Marcus Rader
Company Director

No matter what your business, Mining, Construction, Hospitality, Transportation  or Aviation… we’ve got your back when it comes to “Work Place Compliance”

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